Protecting your hearing is the best way to prevent noise inducted hearing loss. There are many different kinds of earplugs that can be made. This would involve taking an impression of your ear and sending the impression into a manufacturer to make the earplug. Ear plugs can be made for recreational use, hunting, music, concerts, even swimming and sleeping! You can customize your hearing protection by choosing colors, or you can keep it neutral. This is a chance to express yourself! Here are just some of the many options available.

DefendEar Sleep  DefendEar Sleep- The Sleep is designed to promote comfortable and uninterrupted rest.  Great for shift workers and credited with saving many relationships with snoring partners! 
DefendEar Hunter Passive- For hunting environments where a low number of shots are fired.  The Hunter Passive utilized small orifice non-linear acoustic filters.  A low noise reduction range 4 (filter) allows for awareness and communication.  DefendEar Hunter Passive 
 DefendEar Concert DefendEar Concert-The Concert is ideal for musicians and concerts, but is also popular with music teachers, dentist, flight attendants and anyone who needs to hear accurately in high-noise environments.  Flat attenuation allow the wearer to hear sounds accurately but at reduced levels.