Find a new-found love of hearing this Valentines Day - Complete hearing testing and hearing aid avaluations - The lates of hearing aid technology with smart phone integration, TV connectors, rechargeable technology and other accessories. Financing Options Available. Waterville Audiology, 124 Silver St, Waterville, 872-0320, Call to schedule today!

Love is in the air; Valentine’s day is coming! Take a minute to consider how hearing loss affects your relationship throughout not only this special occasion, but the entire year! Hearing is a significant factor to effective communication, and communication is key to a healthy relationship.

Hearing loss typically occurs slowly and gradually. Most people don’t even realize they have hearing loss. If you suffer from hearing loss but don’t notice the daily effects of it, chances are your wife, husband, or significant other notices it every single day! Perhaps your significant other is always repeating themselves, but you never heard them the first time. Maybe they bicker with you because the television is always too loud. So many people don’t realize how hearing loss affects our significant others, family members, and friends. These negative side effects can have a tremendous strain in an otherwise loving relationship.

If your loved one is complaining about your hearing, give them a gift that will last well beyond February and have your hearing tested by our Audiologist, Dr. Becca Rancourt, at Waterville Audiology. Today’s hearing devices are more discreet and advanced than ever and can help you hear well again many environments.

Valentine’s day only comes once a year, but hearing is utilized daily for good communication with loved ones. Show your loved one that you care by calling Waterville Audiology to schedule a hearing evaluation with Dr. Becca Rancourt. You can contact our office at 207-872-0320, or stop by and schedule in person at 124 Silver Street, Waterville, ME 04901.


Becca Rancourt, Au.D. CCC-A

Doctor of Audiology