Do you recognize these initial symptoms of hearing loss?

Hearing loss isn’t always obvious. Many forms of hearing loss are subtle and may only involve difficulty in hearing certain sounds or with background noise. Before you dismiss a symptom as a bad habit or rudeness, take some time to learn the true symptoms of hearing loss.

* Tinnitus — Ringing or buzzing in the ears can be high pitched, intermittent or constant and sometimes accompanied by vertigo.

* Repeating — if you ask to have things repeated, it could be a symptom of higher-level hearing loss.

* Turning up the volume — Do you turn up the television really loud? It may come across as rudeness, but can be another symptom.

* Inability to hear female or children voices — Females and children speak at a higher frequency and the inability to hear these is an early symptom.

* Depression, isolation and social anxiety — Difficulty hearing in crowds or an inability to decipher what is being said are reasons why people with hearing loss tend to isolate themselves. These symptoms often go unrecognized as being part of hearing loss.

* Some sounds seem too loud — It may seem contrary, but this is due to the fact that someone with hearing loss has different sound ranges missing. When a sound within range travels to the ears of someone with hearing loss, they are often startled by sound.