Realistic Expectations

Your hearing aids will NOT restore your hearing capabilities to "normal".

Your hearing in background noise is NOT going to be as good as hearing in quiet.

Soft speech should be audible, average speech should be comfortable, and loud speech should be tolerable.

Your earmolds should not hurt.

Your hearing aids should allow you to listen with less effort.

Your hearing aids require time to adjust to. Clarity will improve as you gradually become accustomed to amplification.

There should be only little feed back when the hearing aids are properly seated in your ears.

Hearing aids DO NOT eliminate background noise.

You may be aware of soft sounds that were not previously audible. Examples include: footsteps, refrigerator noise, etc.

It is important to have realistic expectations before obtaining hearing aids. Hearing aids will allow you to hear many sounds that you may not have been able to hear, or hear clearly, before obtaining hearing aids. With hearing aids, you should expect to hear more clearly and use less listening effort, in multiple listening environments. Hearing aids allow the user to understand speech more clearly in certain types of noisy situations. It is important to also understand that hearing aids do not make your hearing return to normal. Hearing aids cannot eliminate background noise. Hearing aids can reduce some of the background noise, however many people with normal hearing also struggle to hear in noisy environments.
Your hearing aids will require time to get used to. To receive the maximum performance benefit, you must wear them as much as possible to allow your brain to accustom to hearing with hearing aids.
Here are some tips to improve your communication with others if you wear hearing aids. These tips are also for others who communicate with individuals with hearing loss.

  • Get the other persons attention before speaking to them. This will allow for the other person to have your full attention, and not miss out on the first part of the conversation.
  • Make sure to face the other person when speaking with them. Do not talk to another person while in another room, as this does not allow you to face the other person and see their mouth and lips.
  • Speak clearly at a moderate pace. Be sure to annunciate your words, especially the end of each word or sentence.
  • Speak at a normal volume. Do not yell or shout.
  • Be aware that background noise will interfere with communication. When possible, communicate in a quiet environment.
  • Be patient and positive. Have realistic expectations, as hearing aids do not restore hearing to normal!

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