Untreated Hearing Loss Can Cause the Following

Hearing health is connected to all health.

  1. COGNITIVE DECLINE - Dementia risk may be up to 10x higher with hearing loss
  2. DEPRESSION - Symptoms decrease & quality of life increases with hearing aid use
  3. FALLING - Every year, more than 30% of U.S. adults 65 and older... fall. Falls are the leading cause of death in this age group.
  4. HOSPITALIZATION - Falls result in over 800,000 hospitalizations and over 27,000 death annually

Waterville Audiology is uniquely qualified to provide professional services related to the audiologic identification, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of adults with impairment of auditory function.

The price of hearing aids depends on performance and the level of technology. Our Providers will guide patients in finding the most beneficial device for them. Some insurances cover the cost of hearing aids, For patients without coverage, financing options are available. We give personal assistance when it comes to your hearing aid insurance.

When we discover the type and severity of a patient's hearing loss through diagnostic testing, a prescription can be programmed into the hearing aid. Annual hearing testing with Audiologists is key to keeping the device's prescription up to date. We also recommend hearing aid checks and cleanings every 6 months.

Programs and Features
Hearing aids can be programmed with different features to fit the lifestyle needs of a patient with hearing loss. Some features include: noise reduction, wind management, Bluetooth compatibility (hands-free phone calls), tinnitus therapy, directional microphones and rechargeable technology (no need for batteries).

10 signs you may have hearing loss

1. You have trouble hearing on the telephone.

2. You have trouble with conversation when people are talking at the same time.

3. The family (or your neighbor!) complains that your TV is too loud.

4. You strain to hear conversations.

5. You have trouble hearing in noisy environments.

6. You say "What?" a lot.

7. People don't seem to speak clearly and sound like they are mumbling.

8. You misunderstand what people say.

9. You have trouble hearing children and women.

10. You become annoyed and frustrated during conversation.