Dr. Rancourt is very knowledgeable and very welcoming. She takes time to listen to all concerns and makes recommendations for the individual needs. She is prompt and cares about her patients and their individual needs.

Ronald S.

Excellent service with a smile! Could not ask for a better place to do business.

Paul P.

High-pitched hearing loss documented - stable for 10 years. 10 year old hearing aids obsolete. Fitted for new aids and loud noise suppression, more aesthetically pleasing music hearing, tie in with my mobile phone and "loop technology" for church. Dr. Rancourt very competent, attentive, kind and a good communicator.

Stephen H.

I was disappointed that my hearing aids could no longer be updated, until I got my new ones. Almost as if I was getting them for the first time, the difference was that great. And that was before I started using the Bluetooth feature.

George C.

Professional, polite, efficient and they provide excellent support.
No question one of the best places I have ever done business with.


The doctor is very professional. She gives me a good feeling and I am getting good care.

Susan Webber

I had had a pleasant experience with Dr. Giroux and have found Dr. Rancourt to be just the same. She is easy to talk to, solves my problems immediately and goes the extra mile to make sure I am satisfied. She explains things so I can understand, is very knowledgeable and I love my hearing aids! I put them on first thing and don't take them off until I go to bed!! She is responsible for my having a battery charger too.

Patricia H.

Thank you Dr. Rancourt, for fitting me with the best hearing aids I ever had the Phonak Audeo M are amazing I can hear things I haven't heard in 20 years of wearing hearing aids, I recently attended a funeral and for the first time in years I actually heard all the sermon crystal clear. I highly recommend these hearing aids and Dr Rancourt she is excellent at examining your hearing needs and fitting you with the proper hearing aids.


Been to many audiologists in the past. She is absolutely the best. Her knowledge and experience will help you on your way to better hearing for sure.

Donn Blomerth

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